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I’ll be honest this is the last Blog I expect anyone to find. I expect I’ll use this Blog to form some of my most interesting spiritual mapping over the course of 2009-2010. Don’t expect perfect Grammer or Spelling. Do expect my raw and more private musings that need more than a tweet. And please interact. Add to and explore the frayed existential fabric between this world and the next with me.

About me,

My name is Douglas Horch,  for the past decade I have led Spiritual communities here in Colorado. In doing so I have had the high honor of being with people as they experienced life changing epiphanies that led to great paradigm shifts in their perspective on God, Heaven, Earth, Freedom, all matter of the good stuff. And so I have dedicated this blog to my continued learning curve in the fight for a perspective on life that is life giving.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to the truth other than whatever truth is true is only learned relationally. hmmm I may have a blog post there.

I currently own three businesses: Colorado ROOTS which sells historical photos of Grand County in a variety of frames and sizes, Friendly Home Buyers Inc. A real estate company specializing in residential short sales, I also moonlight as a PPC marketer running internet marketing campaigns for various CPA networks.

1 wife, 3 kids, 12 rich friendships and room to grow.

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